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Terry Crawford Palardy

Helen and Henry Helen and Henry Contentment together Enjoying their happily ever after years in the comfort of home. 187181732 Helen and Henry in the shop We brought them home to the Quilters' Quarters, and settled them in. 188444635 Helen and Henry These dolls have ceramic faces and hands and are dressed for a day of work in the garden or the barn. The dolls are designed and made by Dale Tullily Pagano of 188444636 In The Quilt Shop Snuggling together on the bench with a soft quilt. 188455420 Closeup in the quilt shop Sitting with a warm quilt to keep the chill off their old bones. 188455421 Ted and Nan (from book two) Old friends of Henry and Helen. 187181731 Sharing simple abundance The peaceful gratitude on his face says it all as he looks over the fruits of their labors and prepares to express his thanks as she watches over him. 187181733