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Terry Crawford Palardy

Web Store

 :)  Welcome to the web store! You can shop here via PayPal, or by contacting me through email ([email protected]) or telephone (978 352 2676.) If paying me directly by check, please make checkpayable to Terry's Thoughts and Threads. Many thanks!  ;)

The books listed here are all paperback, 6" x 9" in size.

The quilts vary in size, but are all made of new 100% cotton, either stuffed with 100% polyester or cotton, or backed with new fleece.

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Presently, PayPal is set up to collect Massachusetts tax on all items at this website. This applies only to orders being shipped within Massachusetts. Out of state deliveries do not have a sales tax attached.

Shipping is often hard to estimate; if your PayPal account is overestimated in shipping costs, I will refund via PayPal the difference between what you had been charged and what the actual shipping cost was. 


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