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Terry Crawford Palardy

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B5: Georgetown at the Turn of the Millennium


This is a feel-good, happy story of life in a small Massachusetts town at the change of the century. It's a story of dedication, volunteerism, commitment and citizenship. From firefighters to coaches to poll workers and committee workers, the people of Georgetown are examples of Americans in many small cities and towns. 

  Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Love for the town of Georgetown, MA April 21, 2012

By F. J. Mcmanus, Massachusetts

Georgetown at the Turn of the Millennium

The author of this fine book has looked beyond her windows into the small New England town of Georgetown where she grew up. Through her eyes, those of us who do not live in Georgetown get a glimpse of idyllic small town life.

Terry describes a scenic town full of nature's attractive seasonal gifts. But more importantly, she describes a town that has a deep commitment to the people who live there. It is a town made up of volunteers who run the fire stations, coach children's sports, and conduct Town Governance. It is a town that values the wisdom of its elders and has great hope and faith in its children who will grow up and offer new, creative, and vibrant changes that will make Georgetown even stronger.

As an accomplished writer, Terry Palardy encourages us to consider the "gifts" within our own communities.

5.0 out of 5 stars Gerogetown or Norman Rockwell? November 23, 2012

By Liset, Florida

I had read Mrs. Terry Crawford Palardy's memoir book "Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma" and was at an ahh by this authors writing. Having been diagnosed myself with MS years ago and was surprised to see that it is so much more than an MS story;it has compassion, love, hero's and evil all wrapped up. Which brought me to "Georgetown at the Turn of the Millennium: When the Calendar Was Turning Twenty-One". This book was completely different from the previous book I had read by the Author. It lifted my spirits and took me back in time to what life was and what it should still be with the values of community, friendship and support. I truly felt as if I was in a Norman Rockwell portrait. After reading this book you will see that the Norman Rockwell era has not ended and still exists that community push and pull of togetherness. This also shoes that another famous Author; Hilary Clinton that wrote the book "It takes a Village" was on to something. I highly recommend this book and it is a PERFECT book to give for the Holidays!

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