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Terry Crawford Palardy

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B8 The Quilter's Quarters


You will not find a lower price for this book anywhere else: $15.99 plus shipping. Amazon's price is $22.88!

The first part is a mystery novelette, introducing the characters of Henry and Helen, living their elder years in harmony and owning a small quilt shop and toy store. The second part is an annotated album of the author's quilts. These quilts will become part of the subsequent volumes in the series, Mysteries in the Quilter's Quarters.

For the ebook version (Sony, Kindle, Nook, etc.) this book is available at  SMashwords but without the quilts' color photos that the second half (journal of quilts) feaures in the print version. Here is the link to Smashwords: 934

If you would prefer a PDF version, readable on your kindle or computer, you can order it by emailing me and sending a payment through, to [email protected] You will need to have or set up an account with PayPal to do that. Or, you can send me your credit card number in your email and I can charge it for you without going through PayPal.   The PDF I can send to your email is priced $3.99, which is the same price as Smashwords' eBooks. 

And here is its first  review!

I just finished reading "The Quilter's Quarters (Mysteries in The Quilter's Quarters) by Terry Crawford Palardy. As I was with other book I have read by this amazing author, I was again entertained and was left with memories of a warm heart who shared her love and appreciation for people down through the years. Her ability to make a quilt and tailor them to the personality of the recipient was not only creative, but an inspiration. Dealing with everyday life around the trials and challenges of Multiple Sclerosis,

Terry again shows her strengths and is a source of encouragement to all who know her. This book is a must read and whether you like to make quilts or will move you to look for ways you can reach out to others around you. Thank you Terry, for your fine writing and love for people.

Jeanne Claire Probst, Author

The Fifteen Houses, A Novel


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Dear Terry,

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Details of the Recommendation: "Wonderful wonderful writer. Her novel is touching and well written. Can not wait for her others. Had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband in person and they are as warm and creative people you would ever want to meet. Check out her husbands wooden creations also you will not be disappointed."

Service Category: Writer/Editor

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

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Dale Mullaly-pagano (Dale is the creator of the character dolls, Helen and Henry.)

If you are outside the United States and Canada, please email me for a shipping estimate before ordering.

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