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Terry Crawford Palardy

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Singer Tube of Motor Lubricant for electric sewing machines


If you are maintaining your own sewing machine, or restoring an old one  with a motor, you'll want this tube of lubricant.  Always consult your machine manual for directions and frequency. 

This product is seen in two different packages; they have updated their image, but it is the same product. 

Vintage machines from the nineteen- twenties and on are electrified. The motors are either external or internal, and need to have their moving parts lubricated. (Often, they also need to have their cotton-coated wiring replaced as well.) And it is worth noting that, conversely, wherever you need lubricant, you must NOT use SMO.


That the oil and the lubricant come in small packages is a reminder that these products are meant to be 'refreshed' now and then so that your machine is being helped rather than harmed by old, thickened oil or grease.

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