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Terry Crawford Palardy

Creating a New Adventure: Fabric and Notions

We're beginning a new adventure in our Wooden Toy and Gift shop. A room of the shop will be dedicated to "Terry's Thoughts and Threads"and will feature quilts, tea cozies, kits for making cozies and other small items, and what I like to call "Stitchers' Delights." Rick's quilt racks and some "sew special" little plaques will be the first delights. 

But perhaps the most exciting news of all is that Rick and I will be opening a Quilt Shop, where we will stock bolts of fabric, sewing and quilting notions, threads and some patterns. We'll also be offering 

classes in quilting and in how to clean and maintain your vintage treadle sewing machines! Our plan is to have the Quilt Shop up and running by the end of this calendar year. Watch here for more information.

I 'sew' miss the selection that was always available at Cressy's downtown, and with the loss, have decided that it's time to stock a replacement of those treasures. This will take some time, but with patience and careful planning, it may become a reality of the present rather than a memory of the past or a wish for the future. 

And yes, a new book will be published at about the same time, titled Quilter's Quarters :) 

September 25 Update: We've had our first fabric shopping spree! Next on the list will be notions: needles, thimbles, more threads and scissors. Let us know what you would like to see in our shop :)  

Rick and I have also been working on tension and timing for the antique Singer Treadle Sewing Machine shown in the slide show at the top of the page. With a little more tweaking, it will be ready for its first quilting project! I look forward to teaching you and yours how to sew on it. 

October 5th Update: See the photo gallery for a new album of pictures, previewing the quilt shop as we build it bit by bit. Our opening will be on the last Saturday in November (known as Small Business Saturday, initiated by American Express in an effort to help small shop owners stake a claim in the December shopping spree. Black Friday sees the malls fill up; Cyber Monday sees online shopping escalate, and so Small Business Saturday is between the two. Please remember to shop local when you can?

October 23rd Update: We are nearing the completion of our collection of fabrics and notions that will make our quilt shop the place you have been waiting for!