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Terry Crawford Palardy

Terry Crawford Palardy's Author Page

Winter Wonder in the Quiler's Quarters, book 2 in the Quilter's Quarters Mystery Series, will be launched at the New England Authors' Expo in Danversport, Massachusetts on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. It has been a long time coming, and leaves many unanswered questions to be continued in following books.  

My privious book is titled The Quilter's Quarters and is an introduction to an elderly couple running a small quilt shop in the barn at their home. Part two of The Quilter's Quarters, is a scrapbook/journal illustrated book with photographs of some of my quilts and the stories behind them. I look forward to adding these books to Kindle and Nook in the near future. Some of the quilts will be featured in the series of stories about the couple who own and operate the Quilt Shop.

My books and quilts can be seen and purchased here at the Web Store page of this site. Welcome to my new world!

My first book was a collection of Phi Kappa Phi essays on school changes at the turn of the twentieth>twenty-first century. The next was a volume of poetry written through the years. Each of those were soon followed by sequels. Then I gathered up local newspaper columns I'd written about people in our small Massachusetts town. 

The two books about Multiple Sclerosis and its ramifications were next. Those two books had more reviews than the previous titles, as I had a following of people on Facebook who shared the diagnosis. 

My newest books are now emerging: the fictional couple named Henry and Helen will be featured in a series of "Mysteries in the Quilter's Quarters." The first book is titled, simply, The Quilter's Quarters. The second, which will follow near the end of winter, is to be titled Winter Wonder in the Quilter's Quarters. 

Reviews of these books can be found at Goodreads, Amazon, and Smashwords. I also review others' books at my blog, Reviews are very important, both to authors who crave feedback on their work, and to readers looking for recommended books.

Previews of all of my books can be seen at Amazon; simply go to my author page, scroll down, click on a book cover and then click again on the cover of the book at its page. 

I would love to read feedback from you about any books you have read. You have space on the members page of this site to leave such reviews.